Our story

The first time we met I had just taken the bus from the airport in Malaga to the bus station in Marbella. There he was standing next to his white sports car and made an absolutely ridiculous gesture where he was pointing at me white a gunlike hand. We still have a standing joke about this. 

After I settled in with his family to take care of his two younger siblings we started staying up at night talking about everything and nothing. Glances in the kitchen during my morning chores and finally a romantic trip to the beach under the stars with champagne. 

A few days after he kissed me during a game of pool in of the small pubs in Puerto Banus and that was it! The romance was on and we moved in together almost immediately. Life then took us Sweden 2nd of October 2006. We got engaged 2nd of October 2007 and then we had a small ceremonial wedding the 27th of Febuary 2009. The biggest thing of  our lives together are of course our two wonderful children Lily who was born on the 9th of November 2011 and Hugo on the 27th of July 2014.