Meet the team

Here's an introduction of some of the special people that might be good to know before our day and that will help us make the day amazing!

  • Bridesmaid

    Charlotte Öhman

    The wonderful and always super caring little sister of the bride who was an obvious choice to be my bridesmaid <3 Love you!

  • Bridesmaid

    Julia Bozzi

    Sister-in-law of the bride. With a great heart, big will and lots of love she came to this family and immediately became an original member. We love you so much!

  • Bridesmaid

    Joanne D'Silva

    One of our dear friends who attended to our first wedding <3 She is a very talented videographer sharing the love I have for weddings and photos although moving ones :) 
    So so happy you agreed to stand by my side on this big day! 

  • Best man

    Julio Morales Llorente

    Best man

  • Best man

    Fernando Portillo Pinar

  • Best man

    Andrea de Angelis

  • Our kids

    Lily & Hugo

    Our little rascals will of course play a huge part of our day. One as my flower girl and the other as the "biggest man" :)

  • Stylist

    Mathilde Hylander

    This is the fabulous stylist that I'm bringing along from Sweden just so she can be in the wedding and style me and my bridesmaids. Super sweet and loving!

  • Photographer & Videographer

    Martina Lundborg & William

    These two are our photographer and videographer brought all the way from Sweden. They are really important to us and we hope that you try to stay out of the way when they are working not standing in front of them etc.